Useful links

We have listed a number of very useful links to organizations who are producing valuable reports, events and tools to improve food safety governance.

ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe fosters collaboration among the best scientists to provide evidence-based scientific consensus on the areas of nutrition, food safety, toxicology, risk assessment, and the environment. By facilitating their collaboration, ILSI Europe helps scientists from many sectors of society – public and private – to best address complex science and health issues by sharing their unique knowledge and perspectives.Of particular interests are the  ILSI Europe Concise Monographs.

The ILSI Europe Concise Monographs are written for those with a general background in the life sciences. However, the style and content of the concise monographs will also appeal to a wider audience who seek up-to-date and authoritative reviews on a variety of important topics relating to nutrition, health and food safety. Concise Monographs present an overview of a particular scientific topic. The text of each Concise Monograph is peer-reviewed by academic scientists of high standing. The Concise Monographs make important results and conclusions widely available.


Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative

The Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative (GFSCI) is an ambitious project which will add the power of education to ensuring food safety on a global level. Supported by the GFSP, facilitated by the World Bank, and led by IUFoST, the GFSCI process is already underway. IUFoST’s multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach brings together scientists and industry experts from many fields from around the world to assess the core competencies needed at each level with partners across academia, industry and government. They will determine what constitutes an international standard for core food safety curricula, implement a recognition program for existing programs which meet those standards, and identify any remaining gaps in food safety programming.

ISEKI-Food Association (IFA)

IFA is an independent European non-profit organisation, established in 2005 by university institutions, research institutes, companies and associations related to food, coming from all over the world. It aims to support

  • Lifelong learning in the food sector, encompassing both academia & industry
  • Teachers and Trainers to improve efficacy of teaching
  • Students to gain knowledge more easily
  • Industry staff / Food professionals to make use of research result
  • Researchers to facilitate collaboration



International Union of Food Science and Technology

Strengthening Global Food Science and Technology for Humanity

A network of  more than 300,000 food scientists and technologists worldwide, over 75 national food organizations which provides:

  • Professional development on a global level
  • Education and training
  • Regional conferences and symposia
  • World Food Congress
  • Scientific Information Bulletins
  • Journals, books, newsletters


Food Safety Connect

Great resource for Food Safety Products and Services